It’s Okay To Remember & Feel Good

Not every “sorry” deserves an “its okay” in return. As adults it’s okay to miss someone or even just the idea of them and not want them back in your life. It’s a difficult thing to connect one’s memories to a person, but separation becomes a loss and a gain. More importantly, reality. Advertisements

Are they anti- biblical? Are they religions

Are they anti- biblical? Jehova witnesses say that the trinity is paegan non-sense, that jesus christ is the Archangel Michael, said he didnt even die on a cross it was on a torture stake, that him dying didnt pay for our sins and we have to work for it. On top of that when he…

It’s to set shit staight again!

U can be an open book all U want but you cannot play victim & Cry Wolf as if U deserve no fault. The constant gifts taken 4 granted will end! If you have abandonment issues & you need constant chaos, people, attention & party, if you hate being alone & u drain others, YOU…

Abortion T-shirts

How is this okay??? They are selling out these fucking T-shirts!!😠 these people have a 1 way✈ ticket to hell🔥. How the fuck is this even allowed? The wanting and the satisfaction of even having a fucking sadistic shirt like this is pure fucking evil.

Cell Phone Towers Killing Us?

People wonder why brain surgeries have risen to record highs. Is this a main reason why? Studie may suggest cell phonr towers cause mental destruction

Real Fucking Advice from a real mother fucker!!! Happy New Year Everyone!!

I said it like this: Life isn’t fair, it’s just fairer than death, that’s all. Figuring out that doing the right thing isn’t always the best thing and doing the best thing isn’t always the right thing. If you can’t compete physically you better compete mentally, and mind fuck ’em. Your ‘enemy’ is always going…

Vince McMahon & the XFL??

Don’t act like Manziel vs. Tebow or Kaepernick vs. Favre kicking off an XFL relaunch wouldn’t rate better than Sunday Night Football. He just made a $100,000,000 in one day, just in stock.

We Must Think!

If a person does not think, are they really not a member of the human race? The ability to think is what makes us human, different, unique & special. Being special and or unique are completely different things. When we attend school 99% of the time we are not being taught we are being indoctrinated….

John F. Kennedy……Kennedy

Some of the most beautiful words ever said by a leader. “My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man.” – JFK –

Illuminati works 2017 so far, and it’s not over yet!

So far illuminati 2017 shit 1. Hollywood is cumbling🔥 2. Chris Cornell & Chester Bennington (Podesta) 3. Katy Perry video and hommage to abramovic 4. Windy williams MK ULTRA collapse 5. Aaron Hernandez illuminati blood cell. 6. R Kelly MK ULTRA handler and sex slaves 7. Las Vegas 8. Pussycat doll prostitution ring 9. Justin…

People Kill People

People killed annually by Sharks 10 Elephants 100 Hippos 500 Snails 10,000 Dogs 25,000 Snakes 50,000 People 475,000 Mosquitoes 725,000